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by Julie Kanfer, Oct 22

On a recent Monday evening just before the after-school program concluded, Starting Artists was abuzz. Having completed that day’s lesson—visualizing poetry—a dozen or so students were now working collaboratively on their projects, or, like intern and LaGuardia High School student Duncan McInnes, helping others bring their ideas to life on one of the many computers in the room.

A three-year veteran of Starting Artists, McInnes, now 15, is very aware of the impact the program has had on his life. “When I was pre-Starting Artists, whenever somebody said, ‘artists,’ I really only thought of classic arts, like painting and selling artwork in galleries,” he said. “I didn’t think about the business side, or even running a company, or organization, or firm based around design or graphic arts.”

An attitude like that is music to founder Marisa Catalina Casey’s ears. “I think that’s a really important part of why we’re Starting Artists,” she said. “And not starving artists.” the full story here.

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